5 Reasons Why You HAVE to Visit the Gambia

5 Reasons Why You Must Visit The Gambia!

Out of all the places you have been, which was your favourite?

If you ask someone who travels a lot that question, they will often tell you that it is the place that made them fall in love with travelling. That place will always hold a special place in their heart because it opened their eyes to what they were missing.

That’s the way I feel about The Gambia, West Africa. Up until then I had never pushed my boundaries or stepped outside my comfort zone and it wasn’t until I travelled to Africa that the world opened up to me. I am now so passionate about travelling that I want everyone to have the same experience. That’s why I decided to do this post. You may think Africa’s not for you, maybe it’s not your cup of tea or you think you’re not cut out for it. But this post will hopefully convince you otherwise. Read on to find out why you MUST visit The Gambia.

5 Reason Why You HAVE To Visit The Gambia!

  1. You will meet some of the friendliest, happiest people in the world.

The Gambia is not known as ‘the smiling coast of Africa’ for nothing. One of the first things that struck me when we landed in this beautiful little country was how warm and friendly the people are. While we were only there for a week, we meet so many happy and hospitable people and were invited to eat with two families. These families were complete strangers to us but by the end of the day, I felt like I had known them for years. If you want to meet happy people, go to The Gambia.

5 Reason Why You HAVE To Visit The Gambia!

  1. You will step outside your comfort zone and realise what you are capable of.

If someone had told me at the start of this trip that by the end of it I would have plucked, gutted and prepared a chicken for lunch I would have laughed in their face. I have to admit I was horrified when we turned up at a family home and were handed a dead chicken to prepare. I had absolutely no idea what to do and, more importantly, I didn’t want to do it! But then it dawned on me that just because I live in the western world and buy my meat from a shop it doesn’t make me any better than anyone else. I decided I had to get over myself and get on with it. It was at that point that I realised I am as strong as I let myself be. It’s amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it and get over your fears. You will only know what you are capable of when you step outside your comfort zone and have a go.

5 Reason Why You HAVE To Visit The Gambia!

  1. You will learn that you don’t need material things to be happy.

When you live in a materialistic society it is easy to be sucked into consumerism, where you are made to feel that you need the latest phone or that new bag to be content. When I visited The Gambia I noticed how happy the people were. A lot of the people we met were far from rich, in fact some of them lived 6 people to one room with barely any possessions. Yet they were always smiling. They appreciated what they had, rather than always lusting after more. Their relationships with one another were stronger because they had the time to be together. Their time was not consumed by gadgets, to-do lists and careers. I learnt that you don’t need ‘stuff’ in order to be happy. Rather, it’s the people around you and experiences that make life what it is. That is the simplest form of happiness.

5 Reason Why You HAVE To Visit The Gambia!

  1. It’s easy to get off the beaten track.

I like to get off the beaten track when I travel. I’m not about to lie around a pool and have cocktails brought to me by a butler when there is a whole world out there to be explored! I wanted to see the real Africa. While I appreciate that The Gambia, with its tourist industry, isn’t as raw as some African countries, it’s really easy to get away from the resorts. Sure if you stay in Kololi or Senegambia you will be confronted with all-inclusive hotels and restaurants serving pizza (which is fine if that’s what you like, but it’s not what I like). We stayed in Bakau which is still on the coast but away from the resorts. We were able to immerse ourselves in the local culture and see a glimmer of the real Africa.

5 Reason Why You HAVE To Visit The Gambia!      5 Reason Why You HAVE To Visit The Gambia!

  1. It’s a beautiful country in every way and has something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for some chill time on a beautiful beach or a culture rich getaway, The Gambia has something for everyone. Not only is it scenically beautiful, the people and their culture are stunning too. Plus the food is pretty awesome! This small country captured my heart and I can’t wait to return.

Is there a place that captured your heart? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You Must Visit The Gambia!

  1. Great post about the Gambia 🙂 Japan was the first country I ever travelled to solo and will always have a special place in my memories – fascinating culture and very friendly people.

  2. When I was younger I was invited to go to Gambia year in year out with my best friend and her family. They always had such an amazing time and explained it as you do; great locals, appreciating what you have, etc etc… but I have always had a huge fear of needles and you have to have so many injections to be able to go there and not contract a disease that my 11 year old self wimped out every time and decided that not having an injection was better than going… I wish I could go back and knock some sense into me…

    I would however love to visit now I’m older and dispite the phobia of needles, I think it might be worth it!

    Thanks for a great post, and for sharing Gambia with the world – people should definitely know about it!

    I think, if I remember rightly, it’s also where Akon is from! haha!

    Love, May x

    The Little Blonde Backpacker

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post!
      I really hope you get to go to The Gambia someday, it really is an amazing country.
      I found that I only had to have an up to date Tetanus jab and Malaria tablets to enter the country. You shouldn’t need too many injections to be able to travel as it’s not a massively at risk country for diseases. You should definitely give it a try though, I’m sure you would love it!

      Thanks again for stopping by! If you need any advice about the Gambia, drop me a message, always happy to help.

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