5 Beaches You Have to Visit in Corfu, Greece

5 Beaches You Must Visit in Corfu, Greece

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As you will have noticed from my last post, A Quick Guide to Corfu, I am a bit mad on this island! It is such a beautiful island with so many stunning places to discover and when it comes to beaches, it really does not disappoint.

I used to think I would have to travel to long-haul destinations such as The Maldives or the Caribbean to find stunning beaches, but wrong I most certainly was. We have stunning beaches right here in Europe and we don’t have to travel far to see them.

So without further ado, here is my rundown of my favourite beaches to visit in Corfu.

Agios Spyridon Beach, Paleokastritsa – Part Sand/Part Pebble

If, like me, you love spending long lazy days on a beautiful beach, Paleo is a good place to start. Agios Spyridon Beach is absolutely stunning, as the rugged cliffs part, giving you beautiful views out to sea. You don’t even have to venture too far for lunch, as there are several lovely Tavernas and restaurants located right on the beach offering good value for money and great food.  With crystal clear waters and plenty of tropical fish, it is the perfect spot for a bit of swimming and snorkelling. This is the main beach in Paleo so in high season July and August expect crowds. However, the beach is a lot less crowded in the shoulder seasons of May/June and September.

5 Beaches You Have to Visit in Corfu, Greece

Ampelaki Beach & Agios Petros Beach – Sand/Shingle

Other beaches in the centre of Paleo include Ampelaki and Agios Petros. Both beaches are part shingle and part sand and tend to be a lot quieter than Agios Spyridon as they are a bit more tucked away, although they are equally as beautiful. To get to Ampelaki Beach you need to take the path down the side of the Hotel Apollon. Agios Petros beach can be reached from the car park behind the main beach Agios Spyridon.

5 Beaches You Have to Visit in Corfu, Greece

La Grotta Beach Bar, Paleokastritsa – Rocks

While not strictly ‘a beach’, La Grotta is the perfect place for a spot of sunbathing during the day and for cocktails throughout the day and night. La Grotta is a beach bar set into the side of a cliff offering amazing views down and out into the crystal clear waters. There is a really relaxed vibe here, with chill-out music playing throughout the day and young, trendy people diving into the warm water from the surrounding cliffs. We love spending the day relaxing at La Grotta and always make sure we visit while in Paleo.

5 Beaches You Have to Visit in Corfu, Greece

Agios Georgios (North Corfu) – Sand

Agios Georgios beach is long, sandy and surrounded by green hills. The water here is shallow, warm and clear, so perfect for swimming. There are plenty of tavernas and restaurants along the road immediately opposite the beach so there is lots of choice when it comes to lunchtime or cocktail hour. As the beach is so long, it means that it rarely feels busy or crowded, with lots of space to spread out. The best view of this beach though is from up on the mountain, where there is a stunning vista point (see picture below). And while you’re admiring the view from the top of the mountain, don’t forget to buy some beautiful jewellery and artwork from friendly Kostas who sits in the most stunning spot overlooking the view below.

5 Beaches You Have to Visit in Corfu, Greece

Logas Beach, The Sunset Beach, Peroulades – Sand

This beach is only really accessible when the tide goes out so you do have to be careful with tide times to make sure you don’t get stuck there and have to swim back!! When the tide is in you can still enjoy the sea from the rocks and a small beach to the left of the steps but when the tide goes out there are many coves revealed below the cliffs. There is a steep slope to get down to this beach but it is totally worth the walk back up and because of this and the fact that not many people know about this beach, it tends to be very quiet!

The views from the top of the slope and from the 7th Heaven Café are out of this world. This is one of our favourite spots to stop for lunch and we always enjoy a Pina Colada and Greek Salad looking out over the stunning cliffs and panoramic view. Also the colour of the sea here is unreal! Seriously!

Insider Tip – You can use the clay from the cliffs as a natural skin mask. You see lots of people doing it and it is very good for your skin. You remember the clay masks you can get from your local chemist/store…well this is the natural stuff! Slather yourself in it and wash it off in the sea.

5 Beaches You Have to Visit in Corfu, Greece

I daresay there are hundreds more beaches in Corfu that are worthy of this list but these are my personal favourites.

It’s always good to discover new places, so if I’ve missed any off that you absolutely love, do tell me in the comments below.

All photos by my fabulous photographer husband, James Aitken – www.jamesaphotography.co.uk

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