15 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

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I’ve long been an advocate of solo travel and have previously written about why I love travelling alone. But this week’s post brings you something a little different in the form of a post written by other travel bloggers about their favourite destinations for solo female travel.

While I personally love travelling alone, I’ve not actually done a lot of it. I’ve travelled to Toronto, Paris and Sydney by myself but compared to some female travel bloggers, that’s nothing.

So, this week, I asked some amazing, inspirational women about their favourite destinations for solo female travel and here are their answers!

Read on for the 12 best destinations for solo female travel in 2018.

15 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

12 of the safest destinations for solo female travel

Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina – by Ellis from Backpack Adventures

For me, the best destination for solo female travellers is Sarajevo in Bosnia Herzegovina, one of my favourite cities in Europe. Not only are there so many things to do in this multicultural city, it is also safe and full of friendly people. On top of that, it is cheap and has delicious food.

I visited the city twice and not once did I feel hassled as a solo female traveller. Quite the contrary. People are friendly and helpful. It is easy to make friends in this city and people are glad to share their company with you. Sarajevo might not be the first city on your mind if you plan a city trip in Europe, but it is well worth the effort.

Besides Sarajevo, Bosnia is a beautiful country where you get to experience the same hospitality when you travel as a woman alone. For example, Mostar is an easy day trip from Sarajevo and there are many more day trip options to the mountains if you love the outdoors and a bit of hiking. There are plenty of great homestays on Airbnb and they are the best way to get to know the city and its people.

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12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Luang Prabang, Laos by Matilda from The Travel Sisters

Luang Prabang, Laos is one of my favourite places I have visited and is a perfect destination for solo female travellers. It is one of the most delightful and pretty little cities in Southeast Asia, with friendly locals and a laid-back vibe. Crime is very rare and I always felt safe walking around town alone, even at night. One of the best things to do in Luang Prabang is to visit the nearby Kuang Si Falls, spectacular waterfalls where you can take a dip in turquoise pools.

Other must-dos include seeing monks walking around town collecting alms, temple hopping, watching the sunset on the Mekong River, taking a cooking class and shopping at the night market. While it is a popular destination, making it easy to meet fellow travellers, Luang Prabang still maintains its charm and does not feel too crowded or touristy.

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12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Taiwan by Jill from Reading the Book Travel

One of my favourite destinations from my solo travels has to be Taiwan. Just off the coast of China, culturally similar and yet very different, Taiwan has the perfect mix – an exotic culture, pleasant weather and a safe and friendly environment, essential for females going it alone. From the bright lights, temples and street markets of the capital, Taipei, it is an easy train journey out into the countryside, where there is splendid hiking on well-marked trails.

Hot springs are a feature of Taiwan, often with single-sex bathing among the mountains and sub-tropical landscapes. Venture further afield to Taroko National Park or south to the historic city of Tainan or modern Kaohsiung. And everywhere is well-connected by clean, safe and punctual public transport.

Mandarin is the main language spoken, but many younger people speak English and those who don’t are friendly and welcoming despite the language barrier. If you want somewhere clean and safe for your solo travels, yet off the beaten track and culturally fascinating, Taiwan is a great choice!

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12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Amsterdam, the Netherlands by Lily from Lily May Baron

Amsterdam is a wonderful place to travel to alone as a woman. You might not immediately think so seeing as the classic trip to this beautiful city involves a big group of mates looking to let loose for a week or so. However, alone it is just as good, if not better. Firstly, wandering with the intention of losing yourself past markets selling tulips, over bridges and through the beautiful canals is an experience not to be missed. Second, as a city full of hostels, you are bound to meet incredible, open-minded people who will become your friends for the duration of your stay.

As for things to do, alone or with your hostel friends, it’s so easy to lose track of time wandering around the aforementioned canals which are, as I said, stunning. There are also plenty of museums, art galleries, second-hand clothes shops, record stores and so much more to discover. Finally, the coffee shops are a great place to meet people as well as being a lot of fun!

12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Malawi by Claudi from On Claudi Nine

Myself: I am travelling to Malawi!

My friends: What? Where?

By the time I travelled to Malawi, only a few of my friends have heard of the country that is situated in Southern Africa before. Malawi is most famous for its Lake Malawi, but also for its people. I have visited only a few places where the people are so welcoming, friendly and helpful as in Malawi. That is the reason why one of the poorest countries in the world is known as “The Warm Heart of Africa”, making it my strongest argument for why Malawi is perfect for solo female travellers. Besides that, Malawi has incredible wildlife, stunning beautiful beaches and a rich cultural heritage. You would like to read more about the stunning, beautiful country?

Here you go: http://onclaudinine.com/category/africa/malawi/

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12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Penang, Malaysia by Maire from Temples and Treehouses

Penang is one of my favourite places in Asia. I visited on a solo trip and had such an incredible time I actually cancelled my other plans so I could go back again for longer! I think it’s a great destination for solo female travellers for a few reasons: there are so many cool things to do in Penang that you can enjoy solo, like strolling through the historic old town, visiting beautiful temples, finding all of the iconic street art, and eating the amazing food that Penang is famous for. It’s really easy to get around on foot without having to fear for your life from traffic, so you don’t have to navigate complicated public transport on your own. Almost everyone speaks English which makes things a lot easier. And it’s all just very charming and visually beautiful, with the streets lined with period buildings in pretty pastel colours.

My top tip for solo female travellers in Penang is to book a food tour for your first day. Not only will you get to sample delicious food and get your bearings in the historic old town, but day tours are also a great way to meet people! I did a food tour on my first day in Penang and met a really fun girl, and we ended up spending the rest of the day walking around town together hunting for street art!

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12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Japan by Viola from The Blessing Bucket

It’s no question that Japan is a wonderful country and a popular destination for travellers. From its beautiful traditional culture to its mouthwatering cuisine, to its flashy modern technology, to its jaw-dropping natural sceneries…there are endless things that make Japan so cool! I have lived in the Land of the Sun for two years, during which time I’ve visited many cities around the islands. It’s a perfect country to go for solo female travellers.

The people here are extremely kind and polite. Some may go out of their way to help you if you look lost on the street. As well, there is minimal safety and theft concerns. Once, I lost my phone and wallet (classic clutzy me), which had a lot of cash and cards inside. Both items were returned to me, via the bus station, with not a scratch nor a penny stolen. I almost cried out of gratefulness.

Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, thanks to its moral education in school programs from young age. So you don’t have much to worry about as a solo female tourist, asides from hunting down the best ramen joints, shopping the most kawaii merchandises ever (seriously Japan makes many cute things), and soaking up all that this lovely country has to offer!

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12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Madrid, Spain by Or from My Path in the World

It’s pretty hard not to fall in love with Madrid. From old town streets, historical monuments and traditional Spanish restaurants to lively parks, colourful neighbourhoods, and trendy cafes, anyone can find something to like about Madrid. Along with all the beautiful sights inside the city, there are many cool day trips you can take to places like Toledo, Segovia, and Alcala de Henares. Madrid is also a very safe city (except for the usual pickpockets who are very common in Europe) and easy to get around with Metro stations around every corner. The small downside is that the locals do not speak English very well (or at all), but they make up for that with kindness and willingness to help.

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12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Prague, the Czech Republic by Shivani from The Wandering Core

Going by my fantasies and inspirations from movies, I knew I had to see Prague while planning my trip to Vienna. Travelling solo to a new country, I was extremely nervous. Yet, the moment I stepped down from the train, I sensed a familiarity and humility. Following Google maps, and passing through the narrow alleys, I reached the Airbnb right next to the old town square. Excited enough, I dropped my baggage and headed out.

The restaurateur downstairs smiled at me and I immediately liked the place. The fairytale charm of the old town square, the marvel of the astronomical clock and the surrounding gorgeous architecture made me fall in love with Praha instantly. The red rooftops of the Prague seen from the Prague Castle and the vibrancy of the Charles Bridge mesmerised me.

Stopping a zillion times trying to capture the best of Prague, I wasn’t aware every nook and corner is equally lovable. I can assure you, even the people will win your hearts with their modesty. The manager of a souvenir shop chatted wonderfully with me when I told him I am from India. The humble people everywhere I met in Prague made me love it over and over again. Prague is one of the safest and most wonderful places to travel solo. It will ignite the fire in you to explore the world solo, or otherwise like it did to me. Don’t stop yourself, get a ticket and fall in love with Prague.

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12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Ljubljana, Slovenia by Terez from Letters from a Traveling Girl

If you, as a solo female traveller, find big cities daunting, Ljubljana is the place for you. While it is not one of the most well-known cities in Europe, this hidden gem demands your attention. It is relatively easy to reach by plane, bus or train regardless of which direction you are coming from. Once in the city, everything is located within walking distance, therefore no need to worry about getting around. There are some sights to see and you can just walk around the centre.

The street you go have coffee on in the afternoon will turn into the bar strip during the night. You can also walk home in the middle of the night without the fear of anything happening to you. If you get bored of the city after a few days, you can always visit some of the closer destinations such as the beautiful Lake Bled, or the coast. There are so many options and all easy and cheap to reach by bus. If you find yourself in the Balkans, make sure not to skip this adorable little city.

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12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Paris, France

As one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris may not be your first choice when considering destinations for solo female travel. But having twice travelled alone to Paris, I can wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful city for your solo trip. Not only does Paris feel wonderfully safe, it is also easy to get around, whether you decide to walk or use the extensive metro system. Of course, as with any city, there are certain neighbourhoods to avoid at night, but do your research and use common sense and you’ll be fine.

There’s nothing I love more than grabbing some pastries and a coffee for breakfast or a baguette for lunch, and perching on a bench with the Eiffel Tower in view. Stroll along the iconic avenues, people watch from your favourite coffee shop, hunt for museums, or hop between tourist attractions – whatever you decide to do, Paris is the perfect destination for that all-important me time.

So, who says you need a partner to enjoy this city? I say it’s best enjoyed alone! Just make sure you have a great book to keep you company.

12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

Sydney, Australia

A multi-cultural melting pot, Sydney is as vibrant as it is extensive. As one of my favourite cities in the world, I couldn’t not recommend this as one of the best destinations for solo female travel. With so much to see and do, it’s impossible to tire of Sydney, whether you opt for some sight-seeing, chill out at a nearby beach, visit the zoo or take a day trip to see the incredible Blue Mountains.

When I spent some time alone in Sydney last year, I always felt safe and comfortable, despite often being out late at night. The public transport system is extremely easy to use, especially if you use the TripView Lite app on your smartphone, allowing you to access realtime public transport timetables and directions.

One of my favourite days in Sydney involved hiking from Bondi Beach to Coogee Beach alone. It’s only 6km, but the views are gorgeous and the hike pretty easy. It’s a must-do if you’re in Sydney, alone or otherwise.

12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel


What are you favourite destinations for solo female travel? Let us know favourite cities, countries and places to travel alone in the comments below.

8 thoughts on “12 Epic Destinations for Solo Female Travel

  1. This is such a great list! I really enjoy traveling alone and try to do it at least once a year!

  2. I’ve only traveled alone once in New Zealand, and even though I made friends there and ended up travelling with them, its amazing how much of a difference it makes going on your own. I will definitely be trying this again so this list is super helpful x

    1. Thanks Sherry. I know, I absolutely love it. I come back feeling super chilled and it just gives me time to take it all in. Although I know it’s not always for everyone. Glad you love it too!

    1. I know, Malawi would never have occured to me before putting this article together. I’m always inspired by the adventurous spirit of these amazing women!

  3. Great post! There are so many amazing destinations on it! I personally love Bosnia. It is such a special country, and the people are so incredibly kind even though they have gone through such horrors. It really is the perfect place for solo travellers. It is easy to get around, inexpensive compared to many places in Europe, has a pretty good transportation system, and it has a mixture of history and more modern activities. They also have amazing coffee shops. I love sitting at a cafe people watching. Definitely a must-visit country in my opinion.

    1. Wow, sounds like an amazing place and even better because it’s such an underrated destination. I’ve not made it to Bosnia yet but hoping to very soon! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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