Hiking on the South West Coast Path - West Bay to West Bexington


  1. I hiked a small portion of the Southwest Coast Path in September of this year (2019) I am from a small farming town southwest of Chicago where we are all Norwegians. I thought! On a recent extensive DNA test on FTDNA called the Big Y700 I found out that I am in a rare group of 4 Norwegians and 2 Englishmen. Turns out that I am 27% Norwegian and 23% English. Mostly Cornish. I decided to go to the U.K. since I just retired from being a locomotive engineer here in the Chicago area and I spent a month in the U.K. First i hiked with a group of 6 with Wilderness Scotland and we hiked the West Highland Way. 96 miles in about 6 days. I then took the train from Fort William down to Penzance since I wanted to check out this Cornish part of my heritage. It was incredible! I camped at the Mousehole Campground in Paul and basically explored from there for about a week. I hiked the Southwest Coast Path from Mousehole to LaMorna and now I am hooked. I am 65 years old but now I need to go back over there and hike more of that path. Maybe even the whole thing! Your blog is wonderful!

    1. Wow! What a story! Thanks for sharing that and I’m glad you enjoyed hiking on the South West Coast Path. The sections I’ve done so far I have enjoyed immensely! Hope you manage to hike the whole thing at some point!

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