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  1. When I worked in Switzerland in lived in l’Ain in France we would go to Paris every month. Now that we are back in the US we come back once a year and if we are lucky twice. I cherish every single trip and love to spend even just one day in the city!

  2. Wow you certainly know how to make the best out of your time in my hometown! It is just so fantastic to sit down at one of those restaurants and just take in the vibe of the city. Strolling along the Seine river remains one of my favourite activities, especially now with the Parc Rives de Seine. And oh those Macarons… can’t get enough of them! Lovely post!

    1. Paris feels like it should be my hometown! But until it actually is, I’ll just keep visiting whenever I can! But yes, you’re right, sitting in a restaurant and taking it all in is my favourite. Thanks for your comment 🙂

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