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  1. We were in Bangkok a few months ago and spent about 4 days in the city! There really is so much to do and eat! My favorite was probably Wat Arun! Great post!

  2. It’s amazing how much you can see with just 36 hours in Bangkok. I absolutely love this city and this is such a great guide!

  3. Great post, I’ll defnietly got some more inspo for the next time I’m in Bangkok. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. I so so sooooo need to see Bangkok again! I was there as a very young backpacker, years and year ago. I’m sure I’d see it totally differently these days.

    1. I think it’s definitely true that you see things through different eyes at different stages of life!

  5. Bangkok is one of my favourite cities in this world! The atmosphere and the smell from the street food! I just hope next time I will be able to do a little more temple hopping instead of toilet hopping 😀

    1. Oh no, sorry you had a jippy tummy! I ended up with a bad tummy for a day too while in Thailand. I think it’s all part of it ha!

  6. I spent 48 hours in Bangkok on a stopover. I hadn’t done much research about the city and spent my first day by the rooftop pool drinking cocktails. Then I went on a tour and began to appreciate how interesting and beautiful the city is. I plan to go back for longer.

    1. A rooftop pool and cocktails sounds pretty idyllic to me, but yes, there are so many layers of this city to unpeel! Hope you get to return some day.

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