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  1. I never would have thought that there would be so many options for vegetarians and gluten intolerant people! I myself am lactose intolerant and I find it a challenge to find things I can eat now in restaurants, everything has butter, cream or cheese! I am happy to see that a lot of restaurants, especially in a place like Paris have really embraced the challenge to make it easy for everyone to enjoy the amazing food to be had in that city! I also love your idea of pinning it in google maps! I never remember the places to eat and by the time I am ready to stop and eat I am famished and just randomly pick a spot. This is super helpful thank you!!

  2. I loved your list indeed – especially being a vegetarian, this is going to be of great help to me in addition to the ‘gluten free advantage’ :)… Noglu sounds interesting to me. I am bookmarking that place. in addition to Nous (I have heard a lot about it too)..

  3. This is awesome!! I am a vegetarian myself and found it sooo hard in Paris, if I wanted to anything different to a baguette with cheese! Thanks so much for sharing this! Definietly saving this for my next trip! Nous sounds amazing, think that will be the first one to try out!

  4. Oh my goodness! You’re right, initially the idea of doing Paris gluten-free sounds like torture! But I’m so glad you found some yummy treats still!

  5. That’s a great tip to use google maps – cause it’s like you say – you never remember the places. I am lactose intolerant so it’s great to bookmark some places I can eat as much as I want 😍😍

  6. When I had to go gluten-free, I was terrified of ever returning to Europe. I figured I wouldn’t be able to get anything to eat anywhere that wouldn’t make me ill. Blog posts like this have saved my travelling life 😍 The worst part is travelling with companions that don’t have any dietary requirements, and feeling like you’re being a bother or worrying that they feel let down by the food at places that have options for you. That’s why I’m so glad that this post came from that perspective, you’ve listed SO MANY spots that will keep everyone happy!! Thank you soooo much!!

    1. Hey Sheree. No problem at all! Glad to help. I often find that food for intolerances now tastes just as good as the food that contains gluten, dairy and meat etc. I usually can’t tell the difference. Glad you found my guide helpful. Happy travels 🙂 Zara

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