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  1. I agree completely with your description of Skye! I was there last August and just couldn’t believe my eyes… I hiked the Quirang and then went on down the Trotternish Ridge to the Old Man of Storr, with wild camping on my way. I was unlucky that there was a pretty nasty weather and I was almost blown off the cliff 😉 But the experience, the views.. words are just not enough! Gorgeous place.

    1. Ah wow, wild camping sounds amazing! My husband is keen for us to do that next time. It’s definitely a beautiful place to camp. Any tips for wild camping on Skye? You’re right, words are not enough. I just want people to get up there and see it so they can appreciate what we mean!

      1. Don’t do it in a bad weather! 😀 It’s hard to find non-boggy place, so the tent needs to have a good water isolation. You may want to read my whole post on the Trotternish Ridge adventure here: to decide by yourself. It was hard – but I was really unlucky. Next time I would actually choose not to camp out there – but hike early on and do the hole thing in one day. It’s an open ridge with very harsh winds and common heavy rains. There are easier places to camp on Skye… But in a beautiful weather it must be just marvelous to wake up to those views!

  2. Love this blog post!!!! Next time I’ll come with you and see all the bits I missed in Scotland! Looking forward to your next blog on Theoule / Eze 😉

      1. hi my name is Bill Fines both parents are Scotish and they are from Greenoc . would love more info on hiking in the isle of sky and the Heberdies island if you could share thank you

      1. I could walk 24/7 just wandering through nature, I’ve never looked in my own country for beauty, till last month and it’s actually quite gorgeous (nature) xD and it’s only 45 minutes away from my home lol you just don’t take the time in your own country.

          1. sometimes it feels like you need to travel a long distance for you to see something but it’s really not necessary 🙂 in my other post “De Veluwe” this is around the corner but I have never ever seen something like this before in my life in my own country xD

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