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  1. This is so informative, thank you! Is it normal to find such cheap flights with a budget airline, or did you get really lucky? 🙂

    1. Glad you found the post useful. From the UK, easyJet and Ryanair always offer super cheap flights, so yea I think flights to Iceland are probably the cheapest part of the trip at any given time!

  2. I’m planning to go to Iceland either later this year or early next year so this was super helpful! Thank you for breaking down all the costs!

  3. I also usually wouldn’t spend that much on a 7 days trip, but, as you said I feel like it’s totally worth it. Iceland is such a beautiful country, a must visit really!

    1. Absolutely! Was simply amazing and I’d do it all again! Maybe once my bank balance has recovered though.

  4. As if your Air BNB is a converted garage, I think it looks cute!
    I’m vegetarian and have wondered before how I would fare with eating in Iceland. Since it’s so expensive I would probably do the same as you and eat in mostly, that way each time I ate a meal out it would be even more of a special treat 🙂

    1. Yeah, eating in worked well for us. Iceland was less of a foodie destination for me and more of a ‘see the epic landscape’ destination. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge foodie but getting out and about was way more important to me on this trip.

  5. Such a great deal on the plane ticket I can see why you jumped on them! This seems like it was a really fun trip even being on a budget. Were there any restaurants that you did go to that you recommend?

    1. Such a fun trip, yes! Being on a budget sort of makes it more of a challenge in a weird way! Yes, we went to a great little restaurant, called Laugaas, recommended by our Airbnb host. Also, Skelfiskmarkadurinn in Reykjavik for plush happy hour cocktails!

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