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Cycling from London to Paris for Charity

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Sometimes the trips you dread the most are the ones that you end up enjoying the most.

When I volunteered to drive the support vehicle for a group of friends who were cycling from London to Paris for charity, I was my usual happy go lucky self. I had little experience driving on the ‘other’ side of the road and driving a much bigger car than mine too. Not to mention, driving in PARIS!! ‘How hard can it be’ I shrugged. Well, it wasn’t until about a month before the trip that it dawned on me what a huge responsibility this was.  And so began the weeks of worry, wondering what I had let myself in for!

Cycling from London to Paris

A lot of my family and friends tried to persuade me to drop out or to let my husband go in my place and I must admit I wondered if they were right. But then I read this article on one of my favourite blogs The Sunday Chapter. The post talked about living outside our comfort zone and challenging ourselves to find out what we are capable of.

It was then that I realised, if I didn’t do this, if I gave in to the fear of the unknown, I would always regret it. The only way to find out if I was capable of doing it was to actually do it and go with the flow. And boy, I am so glad I did. This trip turned out to be one of the best trips I have taken!

Cycling from London to Paris

I got to spend 5 days with some great people, driving through a beautiful country and staying in stunning cities such as Arras and Compiegne. Not to mention ending the trip in Paris, my all-time favourite city! Not only that, I got to be part of something really worthwhile…raising money for a great charity, a local Hospice which does a great work helping people who really need it.

Cycling from London to Paris

The team did so well, cycling over 300 miles in 4 days, despite major bike mechanical failures on day one (!!) and various injuries throughout the trip and should be really proud of what they achieved.

I’ve included some of the shots from the trip in this post but if you want to see all of them, click HERE!

Cycling from London to ParisCycling from London to ParisCycling from London to ParisCycling from London to Paris

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