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  1. You can never spend too long on Lundy. We had 4 nights there and it still wasn’t long enough. We had mad weather but the kids loved it. Especially snorkelling with the seals by the jetty!

  2. I believe I went here once upon a time when I was really small on a caravan holiday…or maybe I’m getting it confused with Caldy (spelling!) Island?! Either way I think I need to revisit all these places again now I can appreciate them as an adult!!

  3. I love places like this! I live in Scotland and it’s the tiny island communities that are the most intriguing! I’ll need to make my way to Lundy one day. Spending a week in one of the cottages, away from it all, sounds like my kind of holiday!!

  4. Animals and nature views and such great vibes – love it. It does look amazing and worth traveling to if you want time on your own just to enjoy the nature.

  5. I find it’s only really when you’re away from home that you appreciate it. After 4 years living in China we made camping and cycling trips around the UK and Netherlands last summer (our homes) and the countryside is absolutely stunning. We’ll definitely be planning more trips like this in the UK and Lundy Island has just jumped to the top of the list, thanks!

  6. I really want to go here! I’ve always wanted to see Puffins! And go to Devon. I recently stumbled upon it researching places to visit in Devon but this guide was really useful to know how to get there and what to expect. Thanks!

  7. I visited Lundy some 30 years ago as part of my degree at Bristol University. I was studying zoology and psychology and HAD to spend a week on Lundy studying the wildlife there. Annoyingly it was the same time as a Queen gig I had tickets for but I did have a great week on Lundy. I’ll never forget a particularly lively night down the pub and also the day I decided to go swimming with the seals. I’d gone on my own and hadn’t told anyone where I was going, I had to slide down some huge rocks to get there. I didn’t have a swimsuit so was stripping off to my undies when a boat of scuba divers came round the corner. Very embarrassing! When I decide to leave it realised that I’d never be able to get back up the rocks I’d come down on. Luckily I found a stream and was able to climb up it. Never did get my swim with the seals – I’d love to go back again.

  8. This gave me an awesome idea for a long weekend. I love in London and never heard of this place. Seems like a great destination for me and my boyfriend as we love hiking and wildlife.

  9. Like you, I live in England, but rarely take the time to explore the beautiful places on my doorstep (the Welsh border is only 14km from my hometown and Wales is full of incredible landscapes and quaint, historical towns), simply because the flight overseas is normally cheaper than the train fare in England and the accommodation is cheaper too!

    Lundy island looks lovely though, I think my parents took me there as a child. Looks like a fantastic place for those who love the great outdoors (me!), hiking and wildlife 🙂

    1. I completely agree with you. I live in Devon and although we do a bit of hiking locally, we generally travel abroad because as you say, it’s cheaper. The thought of paying three times as much to stay in Cornwall for a week where it might rain constantly just puts me off. Which is a shame because we do live in a beautiful place!

  10. I always thought some writer had made up this place but now I see it is real and it is a must place to visit. Again another place without horrible hordes of tourists love it

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