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  1. I like the way that route works. A 4-5 hour walk is a great way to spend a part of the weekend. I’m pretty amazed by the 200 miles you got in during the year, if you did it at this pace, that’s half the year’s Sundays spent on the route. That’s good, even though it may look small in miles.

    1. Hiking is definitely a great way to spend a weekend. Yes, we did spend a lot of time hiking, although we did some pretty large days at 20-25 miles per day, so soon racked up the miles. This hike was a short one for us.

  2. I have actually always wanted to visit the South West! It sounds like such an interesting place, and your photos are all super pretty! One day…

  3. This looks amazing! A few years ago we did a road trip in this area and promised ourselves we’d go back for some hiking. I will save your post for that trip – thanks!

    1. We had great weather! Hoping to do the next section from Porlock Weir to Lynmouth on Saturday so holdng out for dry weather again!

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