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  1. Tell your friend you’ve inspired us to visit Corfu because it draws you to visit over and over again! In love with these photos and saving this post ‘coz I’m going to Corfu when I visit Greece 🙂

    1. Hey! Thanks, that’s a great response 😉 – hope you love Corfu when you visit. My hubby is a very talented photographer but to be honest the landscape does all the hard work!

  2. Yes!! I love Corfu too…I’ve been a couple of times…but I have to admit, we always zoomed away from the resort’s full of English folks. Once you get a teeny bit further away it’s like a perfect Greek Paradise!

    Thanks for reminding me how much I loved spending time there!!

    1. Absolutely. Get away from the resorts and it’s heavenly. We stayed in a beautiful little Greek village this time, close enough to the beach but out of the resort away from the tourists. But if I had to choose a resort it would always be Paleokastritsa, it’s stunning!

  3. Ok you’ve sold it to me! I have wanted to visit Corfu for a long time but as I travel mostly on my own haven’t got around to it. After reading your blog I really must make the effort. Egypt is my favourite … for some of the reasons you’ve mentioned although standards have dropped since the decline in the tourist numbers visiting Hurghada where I like to go. There really isn’t much happening there these days if you are a people watcher like me … I can only stand so much of the beach and sun worship! And if you venture into the parts frequented by the locals in their daily life you see the definite distinction between that and the tourist side, not always a comfortable feeling and mostly one of intrusion. A throwback maybe to the time when tourism was not encouraged and mixing with non Muslims a definite no-no. They are mostly quite poor, especially since the revolution, and look on us wealthier guests as millionaires … ah if only that were so! In view of the foregoing, my case for visiting Corfu has been built. Mmm I feel a journey coming on …

    1. Oh yay! Glad you are convinced. I’d recommend staying in Paleokastritsa if you do go. It’s simply beautiful! I’ve never been to Egypt but it’s always fascinated me!

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