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  1. Amazing shots you got here!
    Paris is definitely the place to be. I live about an hour train ride from Paris so I go quite often but each time I feel just like a tourist again, taking countless pictures of the Eiffel Tower and watching the sunset from the heights of Montmartre.
    I’m so glad you’ve been making the most out of your visits to Paris and I’m so sorry to hear that Hugo’s house was closed during your visit *eek*.
    Anyway, I look forward to more of your travel posts soon! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I love Paris so much. One of my favourite places. I know what you mean about always being a tourist. Every time I see the Eiffel Tower it’s like the first time ha! Yes, shame it was close but I’ll definitely check out Victor Hugo’s house next time though. Thanks for your comment 🙂 Zara x

  2. Hi Zara,
    It’s been a while I haven’t visited Paris. I like your composition of must-visit places and have been to most of them. The Palace of Versailles is still on my bucketlist. I like your photos, especially the one which shows the beautiful architecture of Galéries Lafayette.
    Best, Ricarda

  3. I know that feeling. Paris is my favorite city so far also. Nothing managed to wiggle its way to that top spot. I know Montmartre can be a bit touristy, but oh the streets, the buildings and the view… it’s just amazing. My last trip was there.. just 2 days and I chose to get lost on the hill of Montmartre. Took some amazing shots. You can check them on my blog 🙂

    1. It’s just one of those places! Yeah, I did like Montmartre in a funny sort of way, and it’s great when you wander off and just get lost in the streets. Great, I’ll check out your blog for sure!

    1. Hey Misskissvolunteers. Glad you enjoyed the post.
      I agree, Paris is also one of my favourite cities. There is just so much to see, it’s a beautiful place! I’ll check out your blog for sure. Thanks 🙂

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