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  1. Milan does look beautiful as ever!All the beauty you just framed in your camera with Such lovely pictures. I love all photos with your post

  2. Milan is the city which is crowded with centuries of art and culture. For historical articrafts it is famous all over the world. I think you have explored the whole city and because your pictures are really beautiful. And make sure you have visited The Milan Duomo, Last Supper Tour,Basilicia Di S. Ambrogio,Gallerie Di Piazza Scala ,Teatro La Scala Museum, Parco Sempione, Museo Inter & Milan. Sometime people miss these beautiful places for lack of an experience guide. To visit the nook and corner of this city book a Milan city pass. Because it will ensure you about your presence on every place that I described above. Milano Card, Milan Pass, Visitalia Card etc are the best city pass. Now anyone can choose a suitable one from Thanks and good luck for your future.

  3. First time I went to Milano I actually hated it.
    Then I went to live in the north of Italy for 2 months, and now I won`t say that I love this city but I`ve learnt to like it and even have some places that I really enjoy, like Corso Como and Navigli!
    The best of Milano for me are the people, though (so elegant and stylish) and the aperitivo!

  4. I was 28 when I first saw Italy so don’t feel bad! I’m crazy about Italian food so great budget tip about trying the aperitivo to get a plate of food or access to buffet for free!

  5. Until a few months ago I was never really interested in visiting Milan. That changed when I read a blog post filled with sublime photos of the city’s most beautiful structures, accompanied with sumptuous description of its food. And now this post of yours! I really love how you captured the beauty of the city, and that shot of the skyline from the top of Duomo is my favorite.

  6. Wow your images are just stunning ! I am so pining to see Milan cuz of all
    The fashion there! This is a greet post and thanks for sharing !

      1. I felt the same about Milan, my itinerary was very similar to yours so I think we both had pretty much the same experience from what I read 🙂

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