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31 Random Facts About Me

It occurred to me recently that although I’ve been blogging for two and a half years, I’ve never actually taken the time to introduce myself properly! I love getting to know my readers and find personal posts like these really help me connect with other bloggers. So, without sounding narcissistic…here are 31 random facts about me. I have the world’s biggest sweet tooth and would kill … Continue reading 31 Random Facts About Me

A Travel Guide to Bruges, Belgium

I’ve just spent three fantastic days in the stunning Belgian city of Bruges and I’m writing this travel guide sat in Brussels airport waiting for my flight home. One thing that struck me during my pre-trip research was that so many people only spend one day in Bruges. Blog posts entitled ‘A day trip to Bruges’ and ‘How to spend 24 hours in Bruges’ are everywhere and plentiful. I’m … Continue reading A Travel Guide to Bruges, Belgium