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  2. Great list Zara and thanks for sharing! Not everyone is comfortable sharing their travel secret 😉 I am very curious about trying out holiday pirates.. see what they can do for my next travels.

  3. Great list! I use a lot of these websites too and think they are great. I am loving the discount, I have gotten a nice bit of cash back from also sharing my code! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  4. I’ve been using kayak for years and it is still my go-to site to search and compare airline prices. I haven’t heard of Hopp, so I’m gonna check that out!

  5. Great list! I have heard from so many people that they love SkyScanner like you. However, I find that it isn’t that helpful and I think I must be using it wrong! If you have any suggestions, that might be a nice follow up post. I would especially love to know if there is a good way to set up SkyScanner to just let you know about any cheap flights from your airport at any time.

    1. Hey! Skyscanner is really the only site I use for flights. There are so many great features, i.e. you can search your nearest airport and choose to view the cheapest flights to any destination across the entire year, entire month or using specific dates to find flights. You’re right, it would make a great follow up post! Thanks for inspiration!

  6. Great post! I knew about some of these, but definitely just got a whole lot of inspiration for next time I go travelling 🙂

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