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  1. Really enjoyed reading this entry and all of your encouragement. I hope it gets more women (and men!) to travel solo. You wrote perfectly my own reason, “If I want to travel the world, I will, whether people want to join me or not. I’m not going to let other people hold me back from living the life I want to live. So I’m happy to travel solo.” Thanks for the inspiring post.

  2. I can’t believe I waited so long in life to solo travel. It really has been life changing!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with everything you are saying. I travel solo most of the time too and get the exact same questions all the time. And to be honest you are never really alone: I’ve met people in hostels, on tours on the bus and sometimes just waiting in line to get into a place or something. What I agree most on tho is when you said you can cherish the time you have with family and friends more after a solo trip. This is so me too. Really loved your post <3

  4. I think it’s great to travel solo every now and then. I travel a lot for my blog and then can’t really take my boyfriend with me. If I can meet somewhere with him we enjoy it double as much! I think it’s the best that way! Oh and haha I love how people ask you if you’ve seen the movie ‘taken’. Like that happens all the time. Great read and keep on travelling!

  5. I totally get you! i feel the same way! Traveling solo shows you so many things about yourself you didnt know before!

  6. I have always thought of traveling solo but I’ve never gotten down to doing it. Still makes me slightly nervous so kudos to you!

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